Flat Plate Collectors

MEI FP 2117
The MEI FP 2117 is a custom-designed collector for regions with maritime and desert-like conditions. It is equipped with a corrosion-resistant absorber, a highly selective coating to combat sea air and an optimized ventilation concept to keep out blowing sand. For more detailed about the MEI FP 2117, please click here

MEI GK 3000
The MEI GK 3000 is a custom – designed large scale flat plate collector that has been developed for large scale solar applications such as district heating applications. High efficiency, low pressure drops and unique emptying behavior are few of many features of this unique collector. For more detailed about the MEI GK 3000, please click here

The MEI SWH 160 is a pre-assembled solar compact system comprising an aluminum high power collector with an integrated 160 liters tank. For more detailed about the MEI SWH 160, please click here

The MEI SWH TS Thermosiphons is a two circuit system that is fitted with either a 150 or 300 liter boiler and an optimally matched collector variant. The boiler can also be fitted with an optical heating rod utilized for fast hot water production. For more detailed about the MEI SWH TS, please click here