Hot Water

Millennium offers solar systems for domestic hot water at various scales whether for individual home owners, hospitality, or industrial applications. Domestic hot water solar systems can be integrated with other services, or isolated for domestic hot water only.

Small Residential Applications
For small residential applications, "solar water heaters" and, most suitable and available in various sizes and configurations, is an efficient standalone automated system that comes with the following features:

  • Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors.
  • Cylindrical (Heat) Storage Tank.
  • Backup Heating Element.
  • Control Device.
  • Circulating Pump.

Please click here to download a datasheet of available solar water heaters and sizes.

Solar water heater models can serve both pressurized and non pressurized systems, and can be custom designed into the architectural design of the buildings. It is noted that in the GCC countries, solar water heaters can provide immediate payback since installed cost is lower than conventional type electric water heaters.

Large Applications
For larger commercial applications, ranging from residential to universities, hospitals, malls, and district heating plants, Millennium has a successful track record in designing and installing some of the world’s flagship solar heating projects that are integrated with conventional hot water supply systems, and other thermal applications such as space or swimming pool heating.
Among the projects has implemented are hot water applications for hotels, residential complexes, labor camps, and factories whereby over 1,000,000 L (50-100°C) of hot water are delivered per sunny day.