MEI is always striving to improve its value proposition to its clients. In many cases innovation is necessary in order to provide clients with practical and reliable solar solutions as per MEI’s vision.   

There are two tracks of innovation at MEI, innovative solutions and product innovations.

Innovative Solutions
The unique combination of various proven technologies/products to create an innovative “solution” or “system” allows for more immediate low risk alternatives to the conventional combination of products.  Such innovation is what allowed MEI to successfully deliver the world’s largest fixed plate solar heating system, 25MWth, in desert conditions.  MEI has also engineered solar heating solutions in combination with proven products (as listed below) to further extend the benefit of cost effective solar heating:

  • Heat driven cooling
  • Desalination
  • Organic rankine cycle (ORC)

Such solutions are client application specific, and intend to maximize the client benefit based on the circumstances.

Product Innovations
The other innovation track is in-house product development for the creation of new products/components that help meet needs that are not currently met in a practical and reliable fashion.  MEI’s Research and Development department is commercializing products based on MEI patents, in the areas of heat driven cooling and heat driven desalination/water treatment.  These innovations are relevant for areas with high ambient conditions and scarcity in water resources.