Two forms of solar power are viable; photovoltaic that converts the sun's energy directly into electricity and concentrated solar power that utilizes solar thermal energy to drive steam (electricity) turbines. Both technologies have their advantages and disadvantages and Millennium is well positioned to assist customers in analyzing and sourcing the optimal design configuration.

Output AC, water, heat, cooling DC/AC
Scale Large scale 100MW - 1GW central utility stations.
1-40 MW and distributed
(on grid).
Proof Proven but significant room for improvement. Wide spread application.

Technology suppliers are capacity restrained & few.

Technology suppliers are
capacity restrained.
Time to market Steam turbine is long lead item.
Rapid deployment possible.
Same but distributed

Land Requirement

12-15,000 sqm per MW. power has advantages.
Cost $1,5-5M/MW and dropping. $2-4M/MW and dropping.


Solar water heating is a promising and proven technology - whether PV/RO or thermally driven vacuum distillation - that can also be sourced.

Solar power and water has a promising future in the MENA region despite the important barriers of entry is the subsidized cost of power and water in the region, as well as the lack of feed in tariffs and government incentives.