Space Heating

Even in areas of cold ambient temperatures, but higher solar insulation during the winter, economical solar space heating solutions can be implemented.

Millennium space heating system designs include suitable heat storage equipment that can prolong the utility of the solar heating system. Solar can be utilized for all type of central heating systems (under floor, radiator, fan-coil, and radiation panel), however, the efficiency will vary depending on the type of heating system employed, and the nature of the client's requirements.

A control system is used to interact with any form of back up backup system such as diesel and gas boilers, heat pumps.

Key advantages of space heating systems include:

  • 50-80% savings on fuel cost.
  • 80% savings in maintenance cost.
  • Provides clean energy with no harmful emissions of gases.
  • Safe system with no fire or explosion hazards.
  • Provides hot water for residential, commercial and industrial use.

Among the large space heating applications implemented is for a shopping center, Safeway (13,000m²), whereby solar was used for forced air space heating and domestic hot water in combination with the existing conventional heating system. The newly introduced solar (forced) air Grammer heater are particularly well suited for spaces that are heated during the day, such as offices, show rooms, and schools.